By TJJD Communications

Local and State LeadersThe Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center unveiled its new Education Complex on Tuesday, showcasing the building’s 10 classrooms, indoor recreation center and office suite for the Lubbock ISD staff.

Construction on the $3.4 million education addition, which the county funded, began in 2022 and will be completed shortly. It will allow the Juvenile Justice Center to move the youth out of the temporary portable classrooms that they had been using.

“Education of the youth we serve remains a key component to the rehabilitation process,” said Lubbock County Chief Juvenile Probation Officer William Carter. “The Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center has been very fortunate to have in place a top-notch group of educators who care about the future of the youth we serve. Now, with this significant investment in providing the best environment for learning, LCJJC can say we have one of, if not the best, education complexes in a detention center in Texas.”Classroom

“We are grateful to the leadership in Lubbock County for making this possible. Our County Commissioners Court, our Judicial branch, and state leadership have all supported this effort and to them I say, ‘thank you,’” Chief Carter said.

“Today marks the beginning of the best chapter yet for Lubbock County and neighboring county’s at-risk youth.”

Several local and state leaders attended the unveiling and tour of the facility on Tuesday, including State Senators Charles Perry and Kevin Sparks, Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish and TJJD Executive Deputy Director for Probation, Reentry and Community Services Lou Serrano.

Parrish said that offering educational opportunities to young offenders can help change their life trajectory.

Others attending echoed that sentiment. State Senator Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) told KCBD-TV in Lubbock that said the education provided at the new facility will help young people see other paths forward that could help them stay out of trouble.

“It’s important that we give them access to the opportunities,” Perry said.

“That this AmLubbock Educ hallwayerican economy, this American dream, if you will, still has to offer for those who choose to participate.”

Senator Sparks (R-Midland), also speaking to KCBD-TV, said he plans to promote a similar facility in his district, which spans several counties in West Texas.

(Pictured: Sen. Kevin Sparks, Chief William Carter, Judge John Grace, TJJD Deputy Exec. Director Lou Serrano, Sen. Charles Perry, General Counsel Rob Callen.)