Workforce Development Program

Workforce Development is a holistic and integrated approach to preparing youth to successfully enter the workforce and maintain employment.  For TJJD, it is a comprehensive strategy that is coordinated with our treatment program, specialized treatment and educational programs. It includes workforce development programs and linkages with community based organizations (CBO's) for additional training, supportive services, and employment assistance during aftercare.

TJJD's workforce development programs offer students opportunities in vocational and skills development through our:

The Career and Technology Education programs are responsible for creating and implementing vocational training programs that provide youth with basic skills and beginning knowledge in various types of occupations.

Our Education Reentry Liaisons, onsite at our facilities, are committed to assisting TJJD's youth in discovering and exploring any and all career development opportunities while the youth is incarcerated and on aftercare status.

The Workforce Development Reentry Specialist located in district offices assist youth with linkages to employment assistance and vocational training opportunities.

The Workforce Development staff continues to seek those organizations and individuals interested in providing assistance to at-risk youth and who are willing to contribute to their successful reintegration back into society.

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