TJJD offers a wide array of programs that help juveniles across the state of Texas who are in our care. The agency maintains five secure facilities and five halfway houses, all of which offer programs to meet the individual needs of the youth. Learn more about the juvenile justice system below.


TJJD operates five secure facilities and five halfway houses across the state. Click below for a complete list with contact information and location.

Residential Contract Care

In an effort to deliver a diverse array of individualized services, TJJD contracts with 8 private sector providers. The programs range from organized family care, foster group-living services, vocational trade services, secure institutional care, and gender-specific residential services.

TJJD Case Management (CM) Specialists located in three TJJD service areas (Northern, Southern, and Eastern) provide casework services to youth placed in residential contract programs. These services for youth begin with orientation and implementation of the treatment plan. CM Specialists also provide continual TJJD staff contact, serve as liaisons, and assist in monitoring rehabilitative services delivered by private sector providers where youth are in placement.

TJJD contracts with the following providers:

Contract Monitoring

TJJD has a residential contract monitoring system to ensure that contractors consistently provide quality services and comply with terms of their contract with TJJD. This is accomplished through collecting and monitoring quarterly performance measures; conducting an annual comprehensive review of each residential program; routine announced and unannounced site and technical assistance visits by representatives from the State Programs & Facilities Division of TJJD. Provider non-compliance is addressed through sanctions such as corrective action/performance improvement planning, moratoriums on placements, removal of TJJD youth and/or termination of the contract agreement. TJJD continues to improve and enhance its monitoring and evaluation system to ensure positive youth outcomes.


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