The Sex Offender Registration liaison works closely with TJJD facility staff, courts, and law enforcement agency personnel in Texas as well as other states to ensure that court ordered Sex Offender registration obligations are enforced lawfully, timely and equitably per Texas statute. Whether this includes the enforcement of standard Juvenile Sex Offender reporting requirements for youth who are being released from our facilities for any number of reasons, or ensuring that proper notification is provided to all required entities, informing all entities involved of any changes of status in the juvenile’s circumstances, making sure to communicate when a registration obligation has been waived/deferred so that youth are not subjected to an unlawful registration obligation. This makes our mission not only a matter of public safety, but also a matter of Juvenile rights. Additionally, we work closely with DPS as well as former Juvenile Registrants, and law enforcement to provide the information required to ensure that Sex Offender records are removed from the Texas Sex Offender Registry in a timely manner once the obligation to register has expired.

All statutory obligations related to sex offender registration in Texas can be found in Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure

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