willoughby garden3

By Y. Denise Caldwell, Community Resource Coordinator, Northern District

Blossoms abound at Willoughby House since the students, led by volunteer Cassie Green, spruced up the flowerbeds in front of the house and in the backyard.willoughby garden1

According to Green, they had to plant the flowers before it got too hot.  

“If it’s too hot the flowers will burn up,” she said.

Green took the lead on this project again this year, ensuring that the flowers would bloom once more. She donated personal funds and time to this project. She also received generous donations from the McFadden Community Advisory Council and longtime volunteer Bridget Marchetta to buy the necessary supplies, which she delivered to the halfway house. (The McFadden council has turned its attention to Willoughby since McFadden House closed this spring.)

The donated items included hardwood bark mulch, petunias, hydrangeas, azaleas, iris, lavender, jalapeno, sweet mint other colorful flowers and various herbs.

All of their hard work will pay off, Green said, because “the front landscaping will come back year after year and grow to be really beautiful and full.” 

Green said she plans to do even more next year to beautify the grounds.

Staff and students were especially pleased with the finished results.  “It looks a whole lot better,” Green said proudly.