While in-person mentoring has been suspended for the past several months of the coronavirus crisis, community volunteer mentors continue their work with TJJD, albeit in socially distanced ways.

They’ve been sending notes and games, even special meals, to the youth at secure facilities and halfway houses and they continue to coordinate remotely with TJJD staff, helping plan for future events.

TJJD welcomes their help at all times and appreciates the special niche mentors fill.

If you’re interested in mentoring youth at TJJD or helping with the community councils that support these young people, you should contact the Community Resource or Volunteer Services coordinators at the TJJD facilities nearest to you. They can tell you how you can help, the training you'll need and how to apply.


Secure Facilities:

Evins Regional Juvenile Facility, Edinburg – Fidel Garcia, Community Resource Coordinator - 959-289-5501

Gainesville State School – Robin Motley, Community Resource Coordinator – 940-665-0701

Giddings State School – Anita Schwartz, Community Resource Coordinator – 979-542-4609

McLennan County State Juvenile Correctional Facility, Mart – Tanya Rosas, Community Resource Coordinator – 254-297-8289

Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex, Brownwood – Stephen Claybrook – 325-641-4240


Halfway Houses and TJJD Parole Offices:

Ayres House and San Antonio Parole Office – Patty Garza, Volunteer Services Coordinator – 210-651-4374

Karyn’s House – Anthony Goulet, Superintendent -- 936-228-0523

McFadden Ranch, Willoughby House, Fort Worth Parole Office – Y. Denise Caldwell, Volunteer Services Coordinator – 817-378-2127

McFadden Ranch – Marketa Johnson, Superintendent – 817-491-9387

Schaeffer House – Willie Brown, Superintendent -- 915-856-9324

Tamayo House – Eduardo Garza, Superintendent - 956-425-6567