The TJJD Monitoring and Inspections Division provides comprehensive reviews that promote safety and have a positive impact on the outcomes and performance of juvenile justice facilities and services at the state and county level.

The division conducts proscribed reviews of the agency’s state-operated and state-contracted juvenile correctional facilities and programs to include secure residential campuses, halfway houses and parole settings. Within its review, the Monitoring and Inspection team assesses compliance with agency policy, health and safety codes, accreditation standards, regulations, and contractual agreements.

In addition, the division assists the agency in fulfilling its legislative mandate to monitor and enforce minimum administrative rules and standards. The division checks for compliance with minimum standards at all types and levels of facilities: County-operated juvenile probation departments and programs; short-term detention facilities; pre-adjudication secure detention facilities; post-adjudication correctional facilities; and non-secure correctional facilities, including privately administered facilities under contract with a government entity.

The Texas Family Code requires that all secure and non-secure county-operated facilities register with TJJD annually. The Monitoring and Inspection Division operates the application process and maintains the Facility Registry.



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