The Information Technology Division is dedicated to serving TJJD staff with technology and customer service that ensures a reliable, sustainable environment for all TJJD departments and facilities.


Information Technology provides dependable, proactive technological and administrative support, helping agency personnel access the technical resources they need to effectively perform their duties.


The Information Technology Division strives for excellence in technology leadership and customer service.


The Information Technology Division is responsible for developing specialized applications that support the work of juvenile justice professionals.  If you have questions about the following applications, please contact the Help Desk.


All web based applications use a secure server for conducting online transactions. All information transmitted to IT will be protected at a minimum by 128-bit encryption technology, provided the employee's browser is properly configured and their computer is operating properly. Security technology requires that staff have a reasonably current browser that is capable of supporting 128-bit encryption. Current browsers such as these will activate the appropriate security features when one enters an online transaction through this site. In general, staff can determine whether they're on a secure site by looking at the symbol at the bottom of the browser screen. A user is on a secure server if the key is unbroken or the lock is locked.

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Chief Information Officer

Nate Jackson, Jr.
(512) 490-7081