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Category: Form VII: Out-of-State Travel Permit and Agreement to Return
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probation3.png Form VII: Out-of-State Travel Permit and Agreement to Return
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This (required) form, is to be issued for any appropriate purpose, including but not limited to testing a proposed placement. The permit is not to exceed ninety (90) calendar days, with a referral packet to be received by the receiving state’s ICJ Office within thirty (30) calendar days of the effective date of the Travel Permit. Travel Permits are to be issued for visits that exceed forty-eight (48) hours. Travel Permits are to contain instructions requiring the juvenile, who is subject to the terms of the ICJ, to return to the sending state. Regardless of length of stay, travel permits are to be issued to all juveniles subject to the terms of the ICJ for all visits in cases in which the adjudicated offense(s) includes any of the following: sex-related offenses, violent offenses that have resulted in personal injury or death, offenses committed with a weapon, or juveniles committed to state custody

Authorization for out-of-state travel is approved by the juvenile probation officer, parole officer or court designee supervising the juvenile in the sending state. The authorized Travel Permit is to be provided and received prior to the juvenile’s movement. Refer to ICJ Rule 5-102: Travel Permits)


  • For placement purposes, one copy in each of the three referral packets submitted to the Texas ICJ Office.
  • For visitation purposes, fax or email.
  • This form contains an instruction page. Please do not include this page when sending to Texas ICJ.