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This optional form provides rights that relate exclusively to the Interstate Compact for Juveniles, Article I, Voluntary Return Procedure, Texas Family Code, Chapter 60.010. These rights should not be considered a substitute for any other notice of rights required by law. Under the ICJ, the juvenile must be advised of his/her rights by the juvenile judge in the holding jurisdiction. When used, this form is to be signed and dated by the judge and sent to the holding state's ICJ Office with the Form III. 

Distribution: Fax one copy to the Texas ICJ Office.

This required form is used under Article I in cases when a juvenile is being held pending return to a home/demanding state.  If the juvenile consents to voluntarily return after his/her rights are read, the juvenile is to sign in the presence of a judge or authorized court master, referee, or hearing officer.  The court official signs to attest that the juvenile was advised of his/her rights and the voluntary return is appropriate and in the best interests of the juvenile.  In doing so, the judge orders the juvenile’s return.  If a guardian ad litem is appointed, that person is required to sign the form if in agreement with the juvenile’s voluntary consent.  The last section is completed with detailed information regarding the juvenile’s physical and clothing descriptions.

Distribution: Fax one copy to the Texas ICJ Office