The Sunset Advisory Commission invites public comment on the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and the Office of the Independent Ombudsman.
To provide comments on TJJD, visit this page. To provide comments on the Ombudsman, visit this page.

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Category: Probation Services
Number of Subcategories: 10
probation3.png Probation Services
Files: 0
probation3.png Collateral
Files: 1
probation3.png County Grants
Subcategories: 16
Files: 65
probation3.png Family Engagement Services
Subcategories: 9
Files: 23
probation3.png Interstate Compact for Juveniles
Subcategories: 7
Files: 20
probation3.png Placement & Title IV-E
Subcategories: 4
Files: 71
probation3.png Prevention and Early Intervention Services
Subcategories: 1
Files: 8
probation3.png Regionalization
Subcategories: 10
Files: 33