Presentations from the 2018 Data Coordinators' Conference:

  1. Conference Agenda 2018
  2. General Information
  3. Note Pages
  4. Welcome And Introductions
  5. Understanding the County Profile and Fact Sheet
  6. County Profile and Fact Sheet Methodology 2017
  7. Suspend Reinstate Apply Oh My: JMT Overview
  8. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know
  9. Exhibits in Management Reports
  10. Program Evaluation: 3..2..1..Start!
  11. A Review of Recent JCMS Updates
  12. Five Things to Know in JCMS
  13. Back to Basics: EDI Data Entry
  14. Juvenile Justice Information System Reporting
  15. Re-Examining Recidivism
  16. Making the Program Registry Logical
  17. Grant Data: Maximizing Use for TJJD and Counties
  18. Data Collection for Regionalization
  19. Trending Questions on Juvenile Records Presentation
  20. Trending Questions on Sealing Juvenile Records Handout
  21. Chart on Sealing and Destruction of Juvenile Records
  22. Data and the Legislative Session
  23. Mental Health Dosage Capture and Reporting
  24. Poster: Disproportionate Minority Contact in Tarrant County Juvenile Justice System
  25. Poster: Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Texas Juvenile Justice System
  26. Poster: Adverse Childhood Experiences Implications for Juvenile Justice

Presentations from the 2017 Data Coordinators' Conference:

  1. Conference Agenda
  2. General Information
  3. Note Pages
  4. Tables and Charts in Excel
  5. TJJD Grant-Funded Prevention & Intervention Program Analysis
  6. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know
  7. Supporting Program Decision Making With Data
  8. TJJD Raise the Age Analysis
  9. Grant Me Patience
  10. Prevention & Early Intervention Programs
  11. Making JCMS Work for You
  12. JCMS Updates
  13. It Made a Difference For That One ... Doing the Right Thing
  14. Mental Health Dosage Capture And Reporting
  15. Using Data to Structure Service Delivery
  16. Predicting Risk to Reoffend -- Noble PACT Validation
  17. Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
  18. Are You Smarter than the CDA
  19. Using
  20. Legislative Update on Juvenile Records
  21. Summary of Legislation Affecting Juvenile Justice
  22. Data and the Legislative Session
  23. TJJD Reports on Juvenile Probation Data
  24. Practical Evaluation Is For Everyone
  25. Welcoming Remarks
  26. Conference Introduction
  27. JCMS Users Workgroup Meeting
  28. Poster: Discretionary State Aid
  29. Poster: Regionalization
  30. Poster: Special Needs Diversionary Program
  31. Poster: Predicting Risk to Reoffend
  32. Poster: Tracking Program Success

Presentations from the 2016 Data Coordinators' Conference:

  1. Conference Agenda
  2. Research Contact List
  3. Community-Based Program Resource List
  4. Session Descriptions
  5. Presenter Biographies
  6. Pre-Registered Participants
  7. Dining Guide
  8. Note Pages
  9. Data-Informed Decision-Making
  10. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know
  11. Comprehensive Data Audit Overview
  12. It Made a Difference to do That One ... Doing the Right Thing
  13. JMT Plan of Operation
  14. Understanding Racial and Ethnic Disparity - A Snapshot of RED in Texas
  15. RED Contact Point Definitions
  16. Recent Updates to JCMS
  17. Funding Source Audit Recap
  18. FY2016 Q3 FSA Manual
  19. Back to Basics - Your Data
  20. Beginners Use of Excel for Analysis
  21. Mental Health Data Entry -Updates and Explanations
  22. Mental Health Instructions
  23. Mental Health Need Definition
  24. Mental Health Needs Indicator
  25. If You're Not Using It, You Should Be ... It's the Law
  26. JMT User Guide for JPD Staff
  27. JMT User Guide for TJJD Staff
  28. TJJD-IVE-390-Juvenile Medicaid Tracker (JMT) Screening Worksheet
  29. Incident Data - The Power of Data-Informed Decision Making
  30. Navigating Juvenile Justice - Understanding the New Sealing Process
  31. JCMS User's Workgroup
  32. Utilizing TJJD Recidivism Rates
  33. $4.52 ... The Power of Positivity
  34. Estimating ADP - An Analysis of the Impacts of Raising the Age
  35. Juvenile Justice Validated Risk Assessments and What It Means
  36. Does It Work - Collecting and Managing Data for Program Evaluation
  37. Financial Reporting for FY2016 and FY2017
  38. Withholding of Grant Funds
  39. County Budget Tool Information
  40. County Budget Tool
  41. 2016 Disbursement Instructions
  42. County Grant FAQs
  43. Data Collection for Regionalization
  44. Data Entry for Diversionary Placements
  45. JCMS Data Entry for Start Up Fund Programs
  46. Understanding the New Sealing Process

Presentations from the 2015 Data Coordinators' Conference:

  1. The Power of Data
  2. Legislative Updates
  3. Everything a New Data Coordinator Should Know
  4. Financial Reporting for FY2016
  5. Withholding of Grant Funds - Policy and Timetable
  6. FY2016 Good-to-Know Information
  7. County Budget Tool Information
  8. FY2016 Changes for Grant Budget Application
  9. Grant Manager - New Expenditure Screen Shots
  10. Calculating and Utilizing Recidivism Rates
  11. Calculating Recidivism in Excel - Step-by-Step Guide
  12. Calculating Recidivism in Excel
  13. Building Better Programs Using Logic Models
  14. How is State Data Used
  15. FY2016 Funding Source Audit
  16. State Aid Budget Expenditure Matrix
  17. FY2016 FSA Manual
  18. Back to Basics - Best Practice for Data Entry
  19. Microsoft Excel - Power Tips and Tricks
  20. If You are Not Using It, You Should Be... It is The Law
  21. JMT Screening Worksheet
  22. JMT Authorization Form JPD Staff
  23. JMT Frequently Asked Questions
  24. JMT User Guide TJJD Staff
  25. JMT User Guide JPD Staff
  26. Comprehensive Data Audit
  27. Prevention and Intervention Reminders
  28. Data and Education Information - TJJD and JJAEP
  29. State Data v Common Issues and Solutions
  30. Overview of JCMS Standard Reports and Ad Hoc Reporting
  31. PBIS Overview - Use of Data within PBIS

Presentations from the 2014 Data Coordinators' Conference:

  1. 2014 Data Coordinators Conference Opening
  2. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know
  3. JCMS.Basic and TechShare.Juvenile Ethics Training
  4. JCMS Standard Practices and Definitions
  5. Supervision Outcomes Definitions
  6. Program Outcomes Definitions
  7. Creating CD and CP Referrals for Violation of Court Order.pdf
  8. Common JCMS Data Entry, CFE & Extract Errors
  9. EDI Updates & Planned JCMS Enhancements
  10. Moving to JCMS
  11. Features and Benefits of TechShare.Juvenile & Strategies for Funding the Transition
  12. Expenditure Reporting Updates
  13. Stages of Withholding Grant Funds.pdf
  14. Test Your Knowledge Trivia Game - Grant Reporting
  15. Test Your Knowledge Trivia Game - Committed to TJJD
  16. 84th Legislative Session Outlook - Emerging Juvenile Justice Issues
  17. Data and the Legislative Session
  18. DPS Reporting - Juvenile Justice Information System
  19. RANA Instrument Training
  20. RANA Instructions
  21. Community-Based Programs & Program Types
  22. How to Implement and Evaluate Programs
  23. Building Program Frameworks and Logic Models
  24. How To Develop Community-Based Programs
  25. Introduction to JJ-TRIALS Study
  26. Juvenile Medicaid Tracker 101
  27. Wellness and Balance
  28. Wellness Exercise Your Mind, Body & Soul

Presentations from the 2013 Data Coordinators Conference, Regional Trainings

  1. Committed to TJJD: What Happens Next
  2. Data Coordinators' Conference Opening
  3. Mental Health Grant N Reporting
  4. Achieving Equity in Juvenile Justice Using a Culturally Compentent Approach
  5. Grant Reporting
  6. How to use Risk Assessments
  7. Juvenile Medicaid Tracker 101
  8. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know
  9. The Path Forward: Structural Changes in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department
  10. Stressing Out: Strategies for Balance and Success
  11. From Risk to Resilience
  12. Program Evaluation and Advanced Data Analysis
  13. Making a Better Program Registry
  14. Programs for Special Populations
  15. Juvenile Justice Legislation 2013
  16. Juvenile Justice Information System

Presentations from the 2012 Data Coordinators Conference, Regional Trainings

  1. A RANA Refresher
  2. Programs - Categories, Components, and Location
  3. Evaluating Program Effectiveness
  4. All About Commitments
  5. Juvenile Recidivism Trends
  6. Grant C and More
  7. It's CDA Time!
  8. FPS Expenditure Reporting
  9. Helpful Tips
  10. How to Get Started with JCMS

  11. Additional Documents

  12. Grant C and SAP
  13. Grant C and More Mapping
  14. Blended Funding with Grant C
  15. SAP template for missing Need Level
  16. SAP template for missing Risk Level

Presentations from the 2011 Data Coordinators Conference,Austin

  1. Data Coordinators Conference Opening (Nancy Arrigona)
  2.  All About Programs(Jessica Gonzales)
  3.  Calculating Recidivism Rates (Monica Peters)
  4.  You're Driving Me Crazy (Nancy Arrigona)
  5.  Overview of EDI Definitions and Changes (Laura Marroquin)
  6.  Fiscal Update (Annie Collier)
  7.  Having Conversations That Matter (Parish Jefferson)
  8.  JCMS Implementation (Amanda Zamarron)
  9.  JCMS Mapping (Brad Stafford)
  10.  Juvenile Probation Trends (Nancy Arrigona)
  11.  Legislative Update (Karen Roe)
  12.  New Data Coordinators (Laura Marroquin)
  13.  Results from RANA (Courtney Holliday)
  14.  Overview of TYC/TJPC Merger (Lisa Capers)

Presentations from the 2010 Data Coordinators Conference, Austin

  1. Conference Agenda
  2. And You Are? (Anthony Welebob) - Not available per the presenter's request.
  3. CLUX Grants: How to Correctly Report Blended Funding (Monica Peters)
  4. Community-Based Programs (Nancy Arrigona)
  5. Department Panel: Strategies & Tips for Keeping Juvenile Justice Data Clean
    These presentations will on-line as soon as the presenters make them available. Contact information for the participants below is available in the Juvenile Probation Directory.
    • Bandera County (Denise Whitehead)
    • Brazos County (Artis Whetstone)
    • Refugio County (Kate Jones)
    • Williamson County (Frances Jansen) Verbal presentation only.
    • Nueces County (David Gillespie) Although not part of the panel, Mr. Gillespie offered to share information on creating various SAPs that may help reduce your errors listed in the annual Comprehensive Data Audit.
  6. Everything New Data Coordinators Should Know (Laura Marroquin)
  7. Excel Tips & Tricks for Beginners (Courtney Holliday)
  8. Taking Care of Me (Anthony Welebob) - Not available per the presenter.
  9. Getting Your Data Ready for JCMS (Amanda Zamarron)
  10. Juvenile Medicaid Tracker (Judy McReynolds & Denise Askea)
    The PowerPoint presentation is not available per the presenters' request, but interested persons may view a recorded Webinar on the subject by going to TJJD's Training Resources Website or they may review the Juvenile Medicaid Tracker (JMT) Plan of Operation document available in TJJD's Publications Section, under Agency-Wide Forms.
  11. Live JCMS-Basic Demonstration of What's to Come! (Amanda Zamarron)
  12. Overview of the New Fiscal Monitoring Process (Linda Brown)
  13. Sealing & Expunging Juvenile Records (Chris Hubner)
  14. The Risk & Needs Assessment Tool (Courtney Holliday & Monica Peters)
  15. The Comprehensive Data Audit (C. Yvonne Montejano)

Presentations from the 2009 Data Coordinators Conference, Austin

  1. General Session:  Introduction and Overview (Nancy Arrigona)
  2. 81st Texas Legislative Session Summary & SB727 Memo (Chris Huebner)
  3. Community-Based Programs: What's the Big Deal? (C. Yvonne Montejano)
  4. Fiscal: New Reports & Updates (Linda Brown)
  5. For the Health of It! (Craig Corder)
  6. If Only the Dog Could Purr: Dealing with Difficult People (Erin Espinosa)
  7. JCMS (Amanda Zamarron & Jim Southwell)
  8. New Data Reporting Requirements (Nancy Arrigona)
  9. Placement Levels and Other CW Changes (Nancy Arrigona)
  10. Preparing for the 2009 Comprehensive Data Audit (C. Yvonne Montejano)
  11. TJJD Risk Assessment (John Posey)   
  12. Reconciling Mental Health Information (John Posey)
  13. Using Excel to Report & Use Data (C. Yvonne Montejano)

Presentations from the 2008 Data Coordinators Conference, Corpus Christi

  1. General Session: Introduction, Overview and Important
  2. Assessment Project Update (John Posey)
  3. Best Practices and Your Programs (Brendon Riggs)
  4. CW5 Changes (Amanda Zamarron)
  5. CW5 Reports (Laura Marroquin & Amanda Zamarron)
    Data Coordinators Reports
    Reports & SAP
  6. Data Errors and Other Problems Q&A (Yvonne Montejano)
  7. Fiscal Reporting Update (Annie Collier)
  8. How to Collect and Use Data in Excel (Brendon Riggs)
  9. How to Move Data into Access (John Posey)
  10. IV-E Placement Coding Changes (Nancy Arrigona)
  11. New Data Coordinators (Amanda Zamarron)
  12. Updates Interim/ Permanent Supervision Update (Nydia Thomas)
  13. You Are Driving Me Crazy! (Nancy Arrigona)

Presentations from the 2007 Data Coordinators Conference, Corpus Christi

  1. Go here for the 2007 data coordinators conference presentations