Texas Juvenile Justice Department Data

TJJD maintains data on all youth committed to state custody and data on juveniles referred to and supervised by juvenile probation departments. Data on committed youth is maintained for operational as well as statistical and research purposes while data on juveniles referred to and supervised by juvenile probation departments is maintained for statistical and research purposes only.

Juvenile data is confidential and youth referred to and supervised the juvenile justice system in Texas are protected through numerous state and federal statues/laws. The dissemination of juvenile justice data is governed by FC 58.0072 (see attached). Requests for data that meet state statute requirements must also comply with federal human subjects protection requirements, FERPA and HIPPA. All identifying information is removed from records disseminated.

Research Project Requests

Data maintained by TJJD may be requested for research projects where the requestor meets the statutory requirements for dissemination and the Department approves the project/use of the data. Those eligible include:

  • Criminal justice agencies;
  • The Texas Education Agency;
  • Any agency under the authority of the Health and Human Services Commission;
  • A Public or Private University;
  • A per son working on a research project that is funded in whole or in part by state funds or meets the requirements of 28 C.F.R Part 22 and is approved by the Department;
  • A governmental entity that has a specific agreement with the Department if the agreement specifically authorized access to information, limits the use of information to the purposes for which the information is given, ensure the security and confidentiality of the information and provides for sanctions if a requirement imposed is violated.

Researchers may request project approval and, therefore, access to juvenile data, by following the steps below.

  • Submit a written request which briefly describes the research project and identifies the data elements to be requested and the timeframe for the data.
  • Provide a research proposal which includes the methodology for the study. The research hypothesis and methodology must support the data elements requested.
  • Present proof of full IRB approval. (Although names and identifying information will be removed from the data, youth may still be identifiable)
  • Receive TJJD approval for the project and data requested.
  • Sign a TJJD Research Agreement.

Once the project has been approved and the Research Agreement has been signed, TJJD may release data. Please note that TJJD is not able to approve the use of secondary data. Researchers that are interested in receiving data from DPS or TDCJ as part of their study must get independent approval from these agencies prior to the release of data. Requests that require extensive staff time to analyze and/or prepare will be assessed charge.