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Gang Affiliation: Risks, Protective Factors and Recommendations Organizational Training & Development Professional 3 Training
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9/12/2015 - 9/12/2020,
Program Description
Gangs and the societal difficulties that accompany them are a reality for many communities (Sharkey, Stifel, & Mayworm, 2015). This is true of both rural and urban communities. Although, during the past decade crimes committed by juveniles have declined, the commission of serious violent crimes at the hands of gangs continues to be high. Those involved in gang activity are aware of their consequences and often accept the responsibility for their actions because ownership correlates with increased street status (Alleyne & Wood, 2010; Dmitrieva et al., 2014). The responsibility to discover effective methods to re-engage youth into healthy systems should be multifaceted. This training will address the risk factors of youth joining gangs, consequences of gang involvement, protective factors, desistence, persistence and recommendations.
Targeted Audience
Juvenile Probation Officers, Detention Officers, Para-professionals, Supervisors
Identify the risk of joining a gang
Explore the consequences of gang membership
Examine Protective Factors
Explore reasons for persistence and desistence
Consider recommendations

Contact Person & Address
Organizational Training & Development Professional
Dr. Catina Hightower, DM
P.O. Box 472461, Garland, Texas 75047
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(866) 556-8474 (866) 556-8474
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3/10/2017 12:52:00 PM 1.00 0.00
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