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Understanding Delinquency and Programs Like "Thinking for a Change" Dr. Catina Hightower, DM 3 Training
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8/15/2015 - 8/15/2020,
Program Description
Juvenile delinquency has and will continue to be a major societal concern. The efforts to understand the causes of delinquency and measures to prevent it have been interdisciplinary in nature with the law enforcement agents, sociologist, politicians and psychologists all exploring this issue from different perspectives (Schmalleger, 2009). Additionally, experts on delinquency suggest demographical, personal, economic and social factors may all be relevant in understanding this issue (Siegel & Welsh, 2012). This training will explore these factors, as well as, relevant theories that may aid in understanding the causes and possible methods of prevention including programs like Thinking for a Change and Corrective Thinking Training.
Targeted Audience
Supervision Officers, Detention Officers, Paraprofessionals, Current and Aspiring Criminal Justice Professionals
Explore delinquency and possible causes
Examine gender, delinquency and the socialization process
Identify the commonality of successful programming
Explore Thinking for a Change and Corrective Thinking Programs
Examine the correlation between the problem and proven approaches

Contact Person & Address
Organizational Training & Development Professional
Dr. Catina Hightower, DM
P.O. Box 472461, Garland, Texas 75047
Telephone Fax Email Address
(866) 556-8474 (866) 556-8474
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3/10/2017 12:51:00 PM 1.50 0.00
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