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Understanding Children of Incarcerated Parents Organizational Training & Development Professional 3 Training
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8/28/2015 - 8/28/2020,
Program Description
Although there is research showing the benefits on how removing a parent who is violent or dangerous from the home, there is also research showing the adverse effects of the incarceration of a parent on children. Often, this includes depression, anxiety, physical aggression, and academic problems. The training will address how the use of mentoring for youth of incarcerated parents can promote positive change.
Targeted Audience
Juvenile Probation Officers, Detention Officers, Para-Professionals, Supervisors
Explore the risk of children of incarcerated parents
Examine the statistics of children of incarcerated parents in the U.S.
Assess the effects on youth academic performance
Review possible behavioral changes in youth of incarcerated parents
Review the challenges of being a caregiver
Explore the results and benefits of providing mentoring for youth of incarcerated parents

Contact Person & Address
Organizational Training & Development Professional
Dr. Catina Hightower, DM
P.O. Box 472461, Garland, Texas 75047
Telephone Fax Email Address
(866) 556-8474 (866) 556-8474
Program Approved Date Approved Certification Hours Approved Management Hours
3/10/2017 12:49:00 PM 1.00 0.00
Program Approved Per Diem