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Transformational Leadership: The Road to Excellence Dr. Catina Hightower, DM 3 Training
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8/15/2015 - 8/15/2020,
Program Description
A transformational leader is often viewed as one who considers his employees one of the organization's greatest assets. Transformational leaders often are able to encourage employees to go beyond their own expectations. This training will identify the characteristics of transformational leaders and the many organizational benefits transformational leaders bring.
Targeted Audience
Probation Officers, Detention Officers, Paraprofessionals, Criminal Justice Professional
•Explain the leadership and organizational success connection
•Identify the characteristics of a transformative leader
•Be able to identify the eleven techniques that influence leadership
•Gain insight into leadership and follower trust
•Understand the benefits of being a transformational leader

Contact Person & Address
Organizational Training & Development Professional
Dr. Catina Hightower, DM
P.O. Box 472461, Garland, Texas 75047
Telephone Fax Email Address
(866) 556-8474 (866) 556-8474
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9/17/2015 12:51:00 PM 1.50 1.50
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