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 Welcome to the Texas Juvenile Justice Training Academy. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department is committed to providing to most up-to-date professional development training, resources, and information.

TJJD Training Academy provides professional development & services to:

  • Juvenile Correctional Officers
  • Juvenile Probation Officers
  • Juvenile Supervision Officers
  • TJJD Staff & Employees
  • Juvenile Justice Practitioners and Stakeholders

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Chapter 344 Rule Changes

Webinar Series

Level II Hearing On-line Training
May 2019
2.00 Hour
Handout | Listen

Below is a webinar series on the revisions to Texas Administrative Code, or TAC, Chapter 344 related to employment, certification and training. The goal of this webinar series is intended to highlight the most substantial changes made to the rules, and is not intended to be an exhaustive review of every change made and for users to have the ability to view only those sections that may be applicable to their role and function.

Training credit is allowed for viewing these webinars. A total of 3.25 hours may be used for credit, however, if the series was not viewed in its entirety, approved times are identified next the webinar hyperlinks and credit should be taken only for those webinars viewed.

Part 1 – Overview and Subchapter A: Definitions and Applicability | September 2017 | 0.25 Hour | Listen
Part 2 – Subchapter B: Qualifications for Certification and Employment | September 2017 | 0.25 Hour | Listen
Part 3 – Subchapter C: Criminal History and Background Checks | September 2017 | 0.25 Hour | Listen
Part 4 – Subchapter D: Disqualifying Criminal History | September 2017 | 0.25 Hour | Listen
Part 5 – Subchapter E Training and Continuing Education | September 2017 | 0.50 Hour |  Listen
Part 6 – Subchapter F Certification Exam | September 2017 | 0.25 Hour | Listen
Part 7 – Subchapter G Certification | September 2017 | 0.50 Hour | Listen
Part 8 – Conforming Changes to Chapter 344: Selected Standards from TAC Chapter 341, 343 and 355 | September 2017 | 0.50 Hour | Listen
Part 9 – ICIS Changes | September 2017 | 0.50 Hour | Listen

JPO and JSO Certification Exam

Beginning September 1, 2017, both juvenile probation officers and juvenile supervision officers will be required to take and successfully pass a competency exam prior to certification. Below are resources that may assist with implementing or proctoring the exams.

The Certification Exam can be accessed any time. Only designated proctors for departments or facilities will receive the link to the exam. If your department or facility needs to establish an individual as a proctor, please complete the JPO/JSO Certification Exam Proctor Agreement and email it to exam@tjjd.texas.gov.

NOTE: An individual wanting to take the exam may not submit a request to TJJD on his or her behalf. Only designated proctors are authorized to administer the exam.

Once the exam has been administered and completed, the exam score will be shown on the screen. At that time, your department or facility may choose to print the exam results for your records (proctors will not receive email notification of the score). TJJD’s Certification Officer will receive a copy of scores to cross-reference with the receipt of an application for certification.

For more information, please contact Chris Ellison at 512.490.7245 or Chris.Ellison@tjjd.texas.gov or Kristy Almager at 512.490.7125 or Kristy.Almager@tjjd.texas.gov.


Interested in Becoming a Certified Officer?

For prospective new employees or those interested in working as a juvenile correctional officer with the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, you will complete your required pre-service training upon hire. Additional details regarding your pre-service training will be provided to you at new employee orientation. You may view current job posting online at http://www.tjjd.texas.gov by selecting "Careers" at the bottom of the home page, then select "TJJD". There are also other various opportunities for employment other than juvenile correctional officers within TJJD.

If you are interested in working as a juvenile probation or supervision officer within the state of Texas, please contact the county for which you are interested in working for employment opportunities in order to begin or continue your professional development in juvenile services. A select few county positions may be posted with TJJD. To view these postings, click here. Please note, this is only a very selected view and it is still recommended you contact the respective county.

TJJD understands that current and prospective employees may be interested in continuing their college education, specifically toward Criminal Justice programs both online and traditional. Additional resources on such programs may be found below.

  • Click here for qualifications to become employed as a certified Juvenile Probation Officer or
    a Juvenile Supervision Officer
  • Click here for eligibility requirements to become employed as a Juvenile Correctional Officer or a Juvenile Supervision Officer.

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