Education Liaisons: Connecting Youth Beyond TJJD!


What is an educational liaison?

We are educators committed to assisting you during your re-entry into the community. We can help you with:

  • GED preparation
  • Public school enrollment
  • Applying for financial aid
  • Attending vocational training, and
  • Community college

Guide to Financial Aid

The United States has $64 billion available in financial aid. Financial aid money comes from federal and state governments, banks, schools, and private donors.
  • GRANTS - (e.g., Pell Grants) Funds which do not need to be paid back — you are granted money toward your education or trade.
  • LOANS - Money borrowed at various interest rates which must be repaid.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS - Money awarded to qualified candidates based on certain academic, athletic or specialized recognitions.
  • MILITARY PERSONNEL AID - Financial aid attached to military enlistment (e.g., Veteran’s Educational Assistance Program).

See the FAFSA website for more information about Federal Financial Aid.


Learn More, Be More!

Fact #1: Education is one of the most effective ways to improve your social and financial future.

  • With High School or GED:   Average Income $25,900 a year
  • With an Associate’s Degree:  Average Income $33,000 a year
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree:   Average Income $45,400 a year
  • With a Master’s Degree:   Average Income $54,500 a year

Fact #2: The high school diploma is no longer sufficient for individuals seeking good jobs.

Fact #3: There is a growing shortage of skilled labor in jobs (carpentry, plumbing, septic).

Data courtesy of U.S. Census Bureau and Texas Workforce Commission’s “Career Exploration Guide for Parents and children”.

Want to Earn? Then Learn.


students sitting on steps

. . . when you decide to enroll at a community college or trade school, it does not guarantee that you will get TJJD funding.


Do not sign any contracts until you have talked to your local TJJD Educational Liaison. This can $ave you Money!


However, as a TJJD youth, you MAY QUALIFY for Aftercare Educational Funding if you meet certain criteria . . .

Before Parole:
composite of youth doing various jobs

  • High School Diploma/GED Certificate
  • Proof of FAFSA application (Pell Grant)

During Parole:

  • Parole Officer Recommendation
  • TJJD Aftercare Funding Application
  • Community College/Trade School Acceptance Letter
  • Entry Exam Scores (THEA, Accuplacer, etc.)

Beyond TJJD:

  • Discharged youth who are eligible for Trust funds.

Contact an Education Liaison at the following TJJD District Offices:

Austin: 800-687-7326
Dallas: 800-687-7339
Fort Worth: 800-687-7336
Houston: 800-687-7582
San Antonio: 800-687-7320

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