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Welcome to the Pairing Achievement with Service (PAWS) Adoption page.  All dogs on the page are enrolled in the PAWS program at the Ron Jackson State Juvenile Corrections Complex in Brownwood, Texas. 

PAWS is a unique program that uses the natural relationship that comes from the bond between humans and animals living together and being responsible for each other. 

The PAWS program pairs select TJJD youth with K9 partners for 12 weeks. The dogs come from local animal shelters, learn basic commands and improved socialization skills. Youth learn responsibility, patience and how to care for another living being and benefit from the companionship. Unless otherwise noted, all the dogs listed for adoption have achieved or will achieve their American Kennel Club Certification as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC). This certification is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior.

During the 12 week program, youth are responsible for their dogs at all times. They must groom, feed, and train their K9. The dogs live on the dorm with their human caretakers.

Dogs can be adopted through the Corinne T. Smith Animal Shelter in Brownwood.  Additional information about adopting a PAWS dog can be obtained by contacting the shelter at (325) 646-0617.  All dogs come with current vaccinations and are on heartworm preventative.  Each dog is also micro-chipped.

Without the support of the following persons and organizations, the PAWS program could not function like it does.  The PAWS program wishes to thank the following for their support:

  • Corinne T. Smith Animal Shelter
  • Dr. Joe Speck, DVM
  • Ag-Mart
  • Kimberly Burgan Dog Training
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Premier Pet Supplies

If you are interested in providing a forever home to one of these fine, trained dogs, please contact the Corinne T. Smith Animal Shelter at: (325) 646-0617.

Donations can be made to the Brownwood Community Advisory Council for the Benefit of TJJD Youth. For additional information on the PAWS program contact Holli Fenton (325) 641-4260 or Cris Burton at (512) 490-7049.

PAWS Dogs for Adoption

photo of adoptable dog Dezzi - Dezzi - Dezzi- that's my name, come take me home fur-ever! I am a female wire-haired terrier mix with Shih Tzu. I have a coat of blonde with brown spots and weigh about 11.2 pounds and am about 3-4 years old. I am a very loving and caring dog. You might think I'm a little lazy, but it is just me wanting to love on you and lie down to cuddle. I don't really like playing with toys but I can speak on command. I like being with people and I would probably be better in a home where I'm the only dog. Do you have a good home and family to share all my love?
photo of adoptable dog HAZEL Shades of honey and tan gives me my name - Hazel, a Cocker spaniel mix with a coat of honey brown and eyes to die for in the color of hazel nut. I just celebrated my first birthday on June 21. I was very timid when I first met my handler. But as I got to know and feel her love, I began to grow, and now I weigh about 23.2 pounds. I am such a lovable dog, I make your heart skip a beat. I have the ability to sense when you are sad, but I also have the ability to change that bad mood into feelings of joy and gladness by just jumping into your lap and giving you lots of hugs and kisses. I have been working hard learning all my CGC skills, so when you take me home I will be the best doggy citizen I can be. I know how to come on command. Just call my name and watch me run. I have passed my CGC test. When you come home I will be the happiest dog you have ever seen!
photo of adoptable dog ACE I'm your "Ace" in the hole! I'm a unique looking husky/hound mix weighing in at 57 pounds and around 2 years old. I can be your royal flush if you will take a gamble. I am very sweet and love to cuddle. I enjoy company and need lots of love and attention. I love to play outside and I'm up for anything you want to do. I don't really like toys, but if you have a treat I would do whatever you ask of me. I am working hard on learning my CGC skills and so far I know how to give you my paw, sit, come when called and sit politely for petting. I still need a little more work on walking on a loose leash because sometimes I get distracted. Since I'm kind of big and like to rough and tumble around, a home with older children would be best.
photo of adoptable dog NICHOLE is a beautiful 45-50 lb. Doberman/hound mix. She is about 1 - 2 years old. This dog is SMART! She loves to learn new things and she will learn as much as you are willing to teach her. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Did I mention this dog is smart? She is trained to bring her toy and collar. She likes to play with toys. The Doberman in her likes to work and play. She would be a great addition to an active family. The hound in her can also be calm and lazy at times. She could be content to lay around and snuggle after a hike or any outing. She will make a very good dog for any family. She's looking for you. Are you looking for her?
photo of adoptable dog SOSA is a handsome male black lab mix. He is about 2 years old and weighs 50 pounds. Sosa has a very friendly temperament and loves people and other dogs. Sosa is a very mellow chap who likes belly rubs. He is a very quiet dog that loves to just lie with his owner and relax. Sosa enjoys being outside running around and would love to find someone that likes being outdoors too. If you are looking for your next Velcro dog, then Sosa is your man. He has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and can sit, stay, recall on command. Sosa is house trained. He will bark and jump around to let you know that he needs to go to the restroom. Sosa gets along well with other dogs. Sosa will work for just about any treat and is highly motivated by food. He is ready to learn and ready to give a great family lots of love.
photo of adoptable dog LOLLIE is a beautiful black lab / hound-mix. She is about 2 years old and weighs 55 - 60 lbs. She is very energetic and would be a great dog for an active family that likes to be outdoors. Lollie would be up for running, hiking, walking, tracking or any number of things where she can be with her family. Lollie is enthusiastic to learn new things, especially where she can use her nose. Lollie is very smart and loves to train and work for treats. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen test. Lollie can sit, lay down, speak, and give paw on command. She loves to run outside. Lollie is a great friend. With her energy level being high, she would be great in a family with older children. Lollie is a great additional to anyone’s family.
photo of adoptable dog LUKE Use the Force, Luke. Reach out with your feelings. This IS the dog you are looking for. Luke is a very handsome yellow lab. He is about 2 years old. He weighs 75-80 lbs. Luke is pretty laid back most of the time but seems to like the late afternoon and early evening. He likes just about any treat but his favorite is “Beggin’ Strips”. Luke likes to use his nose and likes to look for ground squirrel holes. His favorite toy is a purple rubber ball that has slots in it for treats. He feeds off of other people’s energy and will be in tune to your mood. He really knows how to use the Force! He has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and can shake, sit, stay and is learning to lie down and roll over on command. He is very friendly toward people and most other dogs. A good dog he is for your fur-ever home!
photo of adoptable dog TYSON (named after the boxer, not the chicken) is a 3-4 year old black lab who weighs 75 pounds. He is solid but also a complete teddy bear He loves people and will do anything for tasty treats. Tyson enjoys the outdoors as he likes to run and play. He has passed the test for his Canine Good Citizen. Tyson knows how to sit politely and he lies down on command. He goes to the door to let you know that he needs to use the restroom. He enjoys being in his cage relaxing. Tyson looks like a beast. But he is friendly and gentle. He is also very smart and like to learn new things. He knows how to sit, recall, give paw and roll over on command. Tyson is easy to love. I already love him. Tyson will be a great family fur-ever friend.
photo of adoptable dog STACEY is a Fox hound/Treeing Walker Hound mix. She is about 3 or 4 years old and weighs about 40 pounds. She is very long and tall. Stacey's birthday is February 2nd. Stacey is a tri-colored K-9 with a brown narrow beagle face. She has lots of spots on her body. She has beautiful brown eyes that can melt your heart. Stacey is very energetic and very smart. She likes to learn if you are smart enough to teach her! She loves to work for food that is of high value. She loves to play and run. If you need a running partner, Stacey is your girl! She communicates very well if you can learn her "language". Stacey likes to stay occupied with chew toys and these are a regular part of her routine, otherwise she can get bored easily. She tends to snore when she is asleep. Stacey knows how to sit, stay, touch, play dead and give both paws. She loves the outdoors and thrives in a structured environment. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen test but still needs to keep up with her training. To keep Stacey's behavior well-mannered, she needs to earn or work for whatever she wants. Stacey will do better with older children.
photo of adoptable dog BONNIE Aye, I'm such a bonnie lass that's what they named me! I'm a Catahoula Hound mix. That means I'm the state dog of Louisiana (sort of!) I'm about two and 1/2 years old and weigh about 60-65 pounds. I've had a litter of puppies but now they fixed me so I cannot have more puppies. I'm very friendly and really like people, especially if they like to play. I am available for belly rubs anytime! I like tug games and anything where I can use my nose. Hey but it can't be playtime all the time and I'm a hound dog so lieing around and sleeping is also one of my favorite things to do. I also like to eat. Peanut butter and beef jerky treats are my favorites and I will do just about anything for them. I like to learn new things if you can make it interesting. I've passed the Canine Good Citizen test. Did I mention my unique looks? I have one brown eye and one blue eye. Because I'm a big girl and very strong, I will do better with a family that has older children. Aren't you ready to be my Fur-ever family?
photo of adoptable dog SHADOW Now you see me and now you don’t- That’s because my name is Shadow. I am a black Labrador and Blue heeler mix. I am about 3 years old. I am pretty calm, extremely smart, very sweet and get along well with others. I’ve been in the PAWS program for awhile even though I passed my Canine Good Citizen test months ago! My handler has taught me so many skills, techniques, and tricks too. I know how to sit and stay, and give handshakes. I even know how to get down really low and crawl. I’m also the star of the latest and greatest PAWS video! I am great at leash walking. I also would be the perfect family dog, because I love being loved and giving love. Are you ready for me to be your Shadow?
Photo of adoptable dog ANGEL My Sweet-Angel- I am a mixed Australian shepherd; I have lots of energy because I love to run and play all day long if I can.  I love all different kinds of toys but my favorite is my ball. I would be really happy if I had someone that can run and play with me.  One thing to remember is I am only about a year old so I am still learning and want to do anything you want to do. I am very intelligent and have learned many skills like sit, stay, down, and a lot of tricks like speak, pray, and paw. I have passed my Canine Good Citizen test. Don’t you need an Angel in your life?  Hmmmm?