TJJD Program and Services Registry

The TJJD Program and Services Registry is a compilation of all the programs and services offered by and available through juvenile probation departments throughout the state.  The Registry is designed to collect information on all programs and services used by juvenile probation departments for juvenile offenders, at-risk juveniles and parents of juveniles under the jurisdiction.  Departments are asked to complete one program entry for each program they operate, contract for and/or to which they refer juveniles or the family members of juveniles under their jurisdiction.  Community programs to which juveniles and their family members may be referred to but are not required to attend are not included in the registry.  The program registry is program/service based, NOT juvenile based.

The Public Access link to the program section of the Registry gives juvenile justice professionals, child advocates and the public access to information on all of the programs available through juvenile probation departments in the state.  The Public Access search function allows users to search for programs based on program status, who the program serves, program type, special eligibility criteria, program components and funding source.  Search results may be printed in a one-page report format or exported to Excel.

To access the Public Access link to the Program Registry: 

Click the hyperlink below and the Program Registry will appear in a new Internet Explorer window.
Program Registry Public Access

All information contained in the Registry is reported and entered by local juvenile probation departments. Questions concerning the Program Registry may be addressed to the Registry Help Desk at:  Questions about specific programs should be addressed to the juvenile probation department operating that program and/or the contact person provided in the program description detail.