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Volunteer Services Operations Manual



The importance of community volunteers was emphasized in an agreement approved by the federal courts when a class action suit, Morales v. Turman, was settled in 1984. That agreement states that: "The Agency shall take steps to expand the use of volunteers in TJJD institutions and facilities. Volunteers shall be utilized to expand students' opportunities for educational and recreational experiences, to provide students with increased social interactions and to assist students, as appropriate, in successfully completing the treatment program."

Philosophy and Mission

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department recognizes that all youth, including TJJD youth, have a need for a wide range of experiences and positive relationships in order to accomplish the task of normal growth and development. The Texas Juvenile Justice Department believes that, through volunteers, the community has the ability to enhance lives of youth by providing meaningful activities and resources that promote pro-social, educational, emotional, and spiritual growth, and healthy family relationships; thus, expanding services provided by staff.

Each TJJD program has a volunteer services component administered by a qualified Community relations coordinator. The coordinator functions under the direct supervision of the manager of volunteer services.

The Mission of the TJJD Volunteer Services Program is to maximize community resources and utilize volunteers to provide opportunities that enable youth to become responsible and productive citizens.

Authority and Applicability

This operations manual implements 37 TAC § 81.45, Volunteers and the Volunteer Council.

The Volunteer Services Operations Manual provides information and standardized procedures for volunteer service activities of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.  The manual is reviewed annually by the manager of volunteer services and updated as needed.  Unless otherwise indicated, the procedures in this manual apply to all facilities and programs operated by or under contract with TJJD.

My signature below indicates that this manual has been reviewed and found to be in accordance with agency policy and management practices.

<Signed> Tracy Levins, Ph.D.            9/23/08
Director of Community and Victim Services

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