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(September 1, 2008 thru November 30, 2008)


The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was officially created by Senate Bill 103, and House Bill 914, as an independent law enforcement division of the Texas Youth Commission (TYC).  Both bills were signed into law in June 2007.  OIG was established for the purpose of investigating: (1) Crimes committed by commission employees, including parole officers employed by or under contract with the commission; and (2) Crimes committed at a facility operated by the commission or at a residential facility operated by another entity under contract with the commission. 

OIG was also tasked with the operation of the Incident Reporting Center (IRC), which operates the SB 103, mandated hotline.  The hotline was established on March 6, 2007, as part of the task force initiative as a means for youth, family, staff, and other to report violations and crimes that occur in relation to TYC.  The IRC hotline is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once a call is received, a determination is made in reference to it being criminal, administrative, youth rights issues or youth care issues. The complaint is then forwarded to the appropriate division for review and/or investigation.

Both bills require the submission of quarterly reports to the following:

  1. The Executive Commissioner;
  2. The Advisory Board;
  3. The Governor;
  4. The Lieutenant Governor;
  5. The Speaker of the House of Representatives;
  6. The standing committees of the Senate and House of Representatives with primary jurisdiction over correctional facilities;
  7. The State Auditor;
  8. The Comptroller; and on
  9. The Commission’s Internet Website.

During the first quarter of fiscal year 2009, the IRC logged 3,523 reports. Of the reports logged, 69 were closed, 354 were referred to OIG – Administrative Investigations Department, 148 were referred to OIG – Criminal Investigations Department, 902 were referred to Residential Services, and 2,050 were referred to Youth Rights.

You will note that there were some reports made in reference to facilities that are no longer Youth Commission facilities. Statistical data obtained for this report is based on the date the incident was reported to the IRC and not on the incident date, therefore when a report is received by the IRC hotline, the facility, even though it has been closed, will show up in the quarterly report.


Section A: Totals

Total Cases by Month
Information Only Reports by Month
Total Cases by Type
Total Cases by Information Source
Total Cases by Status
Total Cases by Secure Facility
Total Cases by Halfway House
Total Cases by Contract Facility

Section B: Case Type by Facility Type

Assault, Secure Facility
Assault, ADP Secure Facility
Assault, Halfway House
Assault, Contract Facility

Inappropriate Relationship, Secure Facility
Inappropriate Relationship, ADP Secure Facility

OC Spray, Secure Facility
OC Spray, ADP Secure Facility

Attempted Suicide/Suicide/Death in Custody, Secure Facility
Attempted Suicide/Suicide/Death in Custody, ADP Secure Facility

Sexual Misconduct, Secure Facility
Sexual Misconduct, ADP Secure Facility
Sexual Misconduct, Halfway House
Sexual Misconduct, Contract Facility

Staff Misconduct / Waste, Fraud and Abuse / Destruction of State Property
Staff Misconduct by Secure Facility
Staff Misconduct by ADP Secure Facility
Staff Misconduct by Halfway House
Staff Misconduct by Contract Facility

Information Only, Secure Facility
Information Only, ADP Secure Facility
Information Only, Halfway House
Information Only, Contract Facility

Civil Rights / Trust Fund, Secure Facility
Civil Rights / Trust Fund, ADP Secure Facility

Contraband, Secure Facility
Contraband, ADP Secure Facility
Contraband, Halfway House
Contraband, Contract Facility

Escape / Riot / Terroristic Threat, Secure Facility
Escape / Riot / Terroristic Threat, ADP Secure Facility
Abscond / Riot / Terroristic Threat, Halfway House

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