TJJD Agency Updates & News

  • New 10.29.13 - TAC Chapter 355 (Non-Secure Correctional Facilities) has been adopted by the TJJD Board and will take effect on November 15, 2013. The emergency rules for non-secure facilities will be withdrawn on the same date. Click here to see the text of the new rules.
  • NEW 08.07.13 - Changes to TAC Chapter 343 (Secure Juvenile Pre-Adjudication Detention and Post-Adjudication Correctional Facilities) will take effect on September 1, 2013. See a summary of the changes and the revised text.
  • Welcome to the new Texas Juvenile Justice Department Website. Please email your comments, questions, and feedback to our Webmaster account.
  • Texas Juvenile Law 8th Edition Order Form: Volume One has grown to 816 pages and again provides a wealth of information for juvenile justice practitioners. If your department would like to order additional copies of the juvenile law book, please download and print the order form, or you may contact TJJD’s Juvenile Justice Training Academy at 512.424.6707.