TJJD Employee Referral

The Employee Referral Program is designed to aid in the recruitment and retention of quality employees by encouraging current TJJD employees to refer individuals for open positions within the agency. To participate in this program, the applicant and current employee complete the appropriate sections of the Employee Referral of Applicant for Employment form Word Document(HR-130). If the referred applicant is selected for employment, the referring TJJD employee will receive a $100.00 gift card.


Employees who would like to participate in the Employee Referral Program may do so by requesting the Employee Referral Form from their local HR Administrator (HRA), Central Office HR, or downloading the Employee Referral Form. The employee must complete the Refering TJJD Employee section and give the form to the applicant to attach to each of his/her applications for employment. Current employees that are in a vacant position's line of supervision are not eligible to refer applicants to the vacant position.  A human resources employee whose essential job functions include the recruitment of applicants for employment is also ineligible for the award.

Referred Applicants

Applicants for employment with the TJJD may download the Employee Referral Form. The applicant must complete the Referred Applicant section and ensure that the TJJD employee has thoroughly completed the Referring Employee section. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the form is attached when submitting his/her application. Current and/or former TJJD employees or former employees of the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission or the Texas Youth Commission are not eligible to be "referred" applicants.

Hiring Authority

If the referred applicant is hired, the hiring authority will submit the Employee Referral Form and the application through the normal procedures for application processing (Local HR Administrator or Central Office HR).

Local HR Administrators

The local HR Administrator will review and process the form. The local HR Administrator will complete Section III of the HR-130 form and forward the form to the employee awards coordinator at Central Office human resources. The gift card will be purchased once the referred applicant begins his/her first day of work. If the referred applicant does not commence work as scheduled, the referring employee is not granted the gift card. The local HR Administrator will then fax the form to the Central Office employee awards coordinator.

Central Office HR Employment Services

The employee awards coordinator will coordinate the purchase of the gift card and forward the gift card to the appropriate business office for distribution to the referring employee.