By Kevin Hill, Volunteer Coordinator, Gainesville State School
Alcohol Drugs 7AsmlGainesville State School hosted a drug and alcohol awareness seminar recently conducted by the Correctional Medicine Interest Group (CMIG) from University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth.
Group members are nursing students, led by Lina Kadhim. Kadhim and her team presented about facts, risks and dangers of a variety of drugs, including alcohol, tobacco and vaping. They highlighted the causes of drug use and the effects of drugs as they explained their slide show to the youth in Dorm 9/10.
The youth asked several questions and responded to the information about the negative impact of drugs and alcohol. After the presentation everyone enjoyed snacks and drinks.
Alcohol Drugs April2023smlThe UNT college students joined the Gainesville youth in games of volleyball, flag football and pick-up basketball. The CMIG members noted that the youth were positive, courteous, and respectful during the presentation, but took no mercy on them during the athletic competitions.
The football game ended with a certain Community Volunteer Coordinator scoring just one touchdown for his team, which lost 35 to 7.
Thanks to all the members of the CMIG: Lina Kadhim, Hunter Schneider, Vann Hauser, Yashaswini Nagarajan, Tatiana Yeung, Aishani Khosla, Juyoun Park, Tal Allouche, Samantha Manuel.Alcohol Drugs 6smlr