At this time, TJJD will not accept transfers from county facilities where staff or youth have tested positive for COVID-19. That decision currently affects Dallas, Harris, and Bowie counties.

Photo: Youth measure flooring
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Painting walls, laying tile and planting flowers are more than home repairs, according to Reggie Hill, mentor and volunteer instructor for “Home Repairs Made Easy,” the 2018 State Volunteer Reso

Source Council 2018 grant awarded to Willoughby House.

“It needs a better name,” he said about his program, which teaches youth about flooring, painting and landscaping.

“They’re learning construction, commercial property repair skills,” Hill said.

Youth who complete the 12-week program, taught in 4-week long sessions, can earn three Certificates of Completion for Commercial Repairs 101 (in flooring, painting or landscaping or all three).

They’ve learned to install tiles, wood and carpet flooring using measuring tapes. Their math skills have improved as well, as they have to figure how much material to get for each room and take other measurements.

The painting classes consist of learning not only how much paint to buy but which paint and paint brush is best for the job.

Landscaping focuses on Texas plants and which is best for the weather and the soil.

To date, 10 youth have completed at least one of the sessions, including CL, JG, LH, JH, HS, DD, JB, DC, CM, and WF.

They are excited about learning new skills and hope to pursue similar professions when they’re released.