How do I contact the Administrative Investigations Division?

1 (877) 786-7263 or 1 (877) STOP-ANE

How can I contact the Office of the Executive Director?

Jeannette Cantu
Executive Assistant
(512) 490-7004

Who can help with financial questions?

Emily Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
(512) 490-7652

How can I learn about agency operations?

Nate Jackson
Chief Operations Officer
(512) 490-7081

Who can tell me more about the Texas Model?

Shandra Carter
Deputy Executive Director, State Services
(512) 490-7612

Where can I learn more about probation services?

Lou Serrano
Deputy Executive Director, Probation Services
(512) 490-7991

How do I contact the employee grievance coordinator?

Tracy Cunningham
(512) 490-7689

How can I learn more about education services for youth?

Luther Taliaferro
Senior Director, Education Services
(512) 490-7726

Who handles media requests for the agency?

Brian Sweany
Communications Director
(512) 490-7028

Barbara Kessler
Public Information Officer
(512) 490-7016

Who's responsible for the website?

Meg Askey
Web Design and Administration

How do I file a Public Information Request?

Please visit this page for complete instructions for officially requesting agency records.