Vehicle Fleet Management Plan

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is committed to conservation of vehicular gasoline as well as other fuels identified in the agency’s Energy Management and Resource Efficiency Plan (11/1/05) for TJJD facilities. The Vehicle Fleet Management Plan for Fuel Conservation outlined below was developed to ensure the economic feasibility of gasoline-related goals within a correctional system environment that presents significant challenges for energy efficiency.

The following activities are the focus of agency efforts toward the goal of reducing gasoline consumption.

  1. TJJD will analyze vehicle fleet fuel consumption during fiscal year 2005 to establish a baseline for a realistic and measurable savings goal for gasoline consumption.

  2. TJJD is implementing enhanced preventive maintenance program for its motor vehicle fleet. Program requirements are currently prescribed in TJJD policy and apply to every TJJD vehicle in the Fleet Focus™ system administered by the Texas Building and Procurement Commission. Greater fuel efficiency should result from the enhanced preventive maintenance schedules.

  3. TJJD will inform all employees with educational material on fuel efficient operating practices. Guidelines for these practices will be disseminated by email to all staff throughout the agency with periodic reminders.

  4. TJJD will implement full utilization of the State Fleet Data Management System (Fleet Focus™) to support effective monitoring and consumption analysis for optimal gasoline conservation.

  5. TJJD will document the use of best practices for fuel conservation.