Energy Conservation Plan

The Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) is committed to energy conservation as reflected in the five-year Energy Management and Resource Efficiency Plan, prepared in accordance with state law (Section 447.011, Tex. Gov. Code; 34 TAC, Section 19.14) relating to state facility energy and water management requirements. The Plan conforms to energy and water conservation design standards for state-owned buildings. Additionally, the Plan was developed using the State Energy Conservation Office’s guidelines and guidelines issued pursuant to Executive Order RP-49 (10/27/2005) relating to State Agency Energy Savings Program.

The Plan documents utility consumption in each facility, agency actions to reduce energy and water consumption, and opportunities for additional savings while meeting mandatory requirements for implementing the agency mission. TJJD operates correctional facilities that comply with building and life safety code requirements to provide a safe, secure, and healthful environment for juveniles, correctional staff, educational and support staff and the community in which the facility is located.

TJJD is making progress toward establishing savings goals for electricity and natural gas consumption:

  • TJJD has contracted with an Energy Savings Company (ESCO) and signed an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) as authorized by Section 2166.406, Tex. Gov. Code. The agency's goal is to effect building retrofits that will lead to a reduction in energy use and possibly a reduction in energy expenditures.
  • Agency staff has been working with the ESCO to educate and explain to field staff how the Energy Savings Performance Contracts work and how facilities will benefit by implementation of measures to replace inefficient equipment.
  • TJJD personnel have worked closely with the ESCO to complete the Detailed Utility Audits for Phase I at five facilities to identify measures that will save the agency energy dollars.
  • TJJD personnel have met with the Texas Public Finance Authority on the steps necessary to obtain project financing through the Master Lease Purchase Program.
  • TJJD processed an application for submittal to the BRB in May.
  • TJJD begin third party verification of the ESCO recommendations and completed the process in June. BRB approval to proceed with the project is pending.
  • TJJD will be starting Phase II Detailed Utility Audits at the remaining seven (7) facilities after BRB approval with these projects.  
  • TJJD is awaiting approval by the BRB to proceed with construction for the Phase I energy savings retrofits.